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West Marin

In Residential
obsidian pavillionv24 - Picture5_featured

Obsidian Pavillion

In Design phase / Institutional / Commercial

Stinson Bathing Room

In Residential

Napa Pergola

In Objects / Residential

Oregon Street

In Residential

5th Street – Machine Arts

In Institutional / Commercial

Glassybaby – Stanford Mall

In Institutional / Commercial

Pilates ProWorks – San Anselmo

In Institutional / Commercial

Pilates ProWorks – Oakland

In Institutional / Commercial

Frit Wall

In Objects

Tube Chair

In Objects
birds eye perspective_featured

Rocky Ridge

In Design phase / Residential

about the practice

Stromberg Architecture is an award winning architecture firm that specializes in idea driven residential and commercial architectural projects.  The firm is based in Berkeley, California.


Matthew Stromberg, Principal

Matthew Stromberg’s range of experience includes institutional, commercial, and residential architectural projects. Matthew received a graduate degree in cultural anthropology from Columbia University in 1994, a field of inquiry that both primed his interest in universal patterns of human behavior and established a theoretical underpinning to his interest in bodily presence in space and time.  For five years, Matthew performed internationally with the MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient and daredevil choreographer Elizabeth Streb in her professional dance company Streb, Ringside, Inc. based out of New York City.  Matthew returned to his native Berkeley for a Master’s in Architecture from the University of California, which he completed in 2003.  Before establishing Stromberg Architecture, Matthew worked five years with the award winning firm Fernau & Hartman in Berkeley where he worked on many projects ranging from master planning of a 3100 acre conservation ranch in Montana to project managing numerous high-end residential projects.  Matthew enjoys travelling with his family, open water swimming in the SF Bay, and volunteering as a skipper for Baykeeper.  Matthew is a founding board member of OGAP – a non-profit organization that seeks to produce a global genomic atlas of all ocean species.

Matthew is a licensed architect in California and a certified LEED Accredited Professional.

Aaron Newton, Project Architect

Aaron holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from UC Berkeley and a masters degree in the same subject from Cal State East Bay.  Aaron completed his MArch degree in architecture at California College of the Arts in 2014. Aaron has over 25 years of experience in design and construction having worked on projects ranging from residential remodels, live work warehouse conversions, to multi-million dollar senior living campuses. He finds the intersection of his anthropological insight and construction detailing as the perfect combination for creating beautiful spaces geared towards the continual enjoyment by its users. When he is not collecting and reading utopian novels or pouring through classic science fiction he’s tinkering with his car or making with his hands.

Aaron is a licensed architect in California.


the process

Every spatial idea is embedded with an emergent architectural meaning that our bodies interpret as we move through space in a constant state of perceptual observation.  It is the role of the architect to be present, to listen, and to extract that essential and inspirational form and to convey its materiality.

We begin each design process with an analysis of the physical and perceptual aspects of the site referenced against the functional, budgetary, cultural, and experiential qualities of each client’s program to arrive at distilled and simple design proposals.

Collaboration with the client, the builders, and the environment is paramount.



  • 2021 – Architizer “A+ Award” Finalist – Golestan School
  • 2020 – AIA East Bay “People’s Choice Award” Winner – Golestan School
  • 2020 – AIA East Bay “Design for Change” Finalist – Golestan School
  • 2020 – Architizer & LaCantina DoorsBest Commercial ProjectWinner – Golestan School
  • 2014 – Lakeport Planning Commission “Certificate of Appreciation” – 357 North Main Street
  • 2011 – Designboom/Colombo Door Handle “Shortlist Award”  – Aviator door handle

project list

  • 2017 – Central Spur
  • 2017 – Stinson Beach Art Studios
  • 2017 – Southside Remodel
  • 2017 – Quonset House
  • 2017 – Walnut Creek Addition & Remodel
  • 2016 – Glassybaby Stanford Mall
  • 2016 – Stinson Beach Remodel
  • 2016 – Alexander Valley Healthcare
  • 2015 – Napa Pavilion & Pool
  • 2015 – ProWorks – Sonoma
  • 2015 – Seadrift Exterior
  • 2015 – Amador Addition + ADU
  • 2015Glassybaby Hotshop & Store
  • 2015 – ProWorks – San Anselmo
  • 20145th Street Machine Arts
  • 2014 – Richmond District Addition
  • 2014West Marin
  • 2014Oregon Street Addition
  • 2014 – BMW Moto
  • 2013Napa Pergola
  • 2013Tribú House
  • 2013 – Lakeshore Bathroom
  • 2013 – Alexander Valley Healthcare
  • 2013 – 357 North Main
  • 2012ProWorks Pilates – Oakland
  • 2012 – Boostan Kids Remodel
  • 2012 – Virginia Bathroom Remodel
  • 2011Northside Fence & Hardware
  • 2011 – Fulton Addition
  • 2011Door Handles
  • 2010 – Sunriver Guest House
  • 2010 – Rainette Writer’s Studio
  • 2010 – Montevideo Remodel
  • 2010 – Rose Street Pool
  • 2010 – Golestan Kids
  • 2010 – Mt. Shasta House Addition
  • 2010 – Crystal Way Bathroom
  • 2009 – Scream Sorbet Store
  • 2008Stinson Bathing Room
  • 2007 – Bakesale Betty Broadway
  • 2007 – Bolinas FD Power Shed
  • 2005 – Disston Addition
  • 2004 – Berkeley Kitchen Remodel
  • 2003 – Russian Hill Kitchen Remodel
  • 2002 – Tube Chair